Concert Attire

My husband and I adore the Civil Wars.  Some friends of ours introduced them to us right when they came on the scene (long before the Hunger Games made them famous) and we have been HUGE fans ever since.  So of course when they were playing a small venue in downtown SLC last week, we knew we had to jump on the opportunity to see them.  And they most definitely did not disappoint.  Haunting harmonies, beautiful lyrics, and melodies that forever wrap themselves around you-the Civil Wars are truly, truly special. 

But attending  my first music event of the summer got me thinking.  What is appropriate concert attire?  If they would have been playing an outside venue, the answer would be a lot easier.  I probably would have gone with some sort of maxi dress or cut off shorts and tank-both of which are easy and comfy for an evening outdoors.  But an intimate indoor concert venue?  Well I saw it as an opportunity to wear something really fun that I wouldn’t normally wear on a typical night out on the town.  And that my friends, is my neon pink wolf tank.  Now the Civil Wars are by no means rock and roll, but something about a fun graphic print tee or tank just feels totally right for any kind of music event.  And not only was the wolf tank a winner for the evening, but I paired it back to my bright green jeans, studded shoes, and super long earrings for an outfit that I think was worthy enough for such an incredible show.

Blazer: H&M (last fall)

Neon Wolf Tank:  Macy’s Impulse Department (recent)

Colored Skinnies:  Else by Joes Jeans (exclusively at Macy’s)

Long Chain Earrings:  TJMaxx (recent)

Neon Pink Bag:  Rebecca Minkoff Mini MAC via Bloomingdales

Studded Pumps:  Madden Girl (old)

Pink Druzy Ring:  Amanda Lynne Luxe via Etsy

Watch:  Michael Kors via Macy’s

Bracelets:  H&M, Macy’s, Forever21, Tiffany and Co.

Maybe I’m into this tank because I love the ’80’s, or maybe it’s because I’m from Montana and have a little redneck in me.  But either way, it is one of my favorite finds of the season.  And not only that, but I wholeheartedly believe that it is important to have one or two items like this in your wardrobe.  Graphic tees and tanks go great back to blazers, skinnies, skirts, and shorts, and are an easy way to dress casually and comfortably while still being fun and funky at the same time. 

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4 thoughts on “Concert Attire

  1. alicia

    Can you please tell me the brand of the tag on the neon wolf tank? I’ve been looking for it for my daughter and they keep asking me for the actual brand-name on the tag. Thank you so much!

    1. Hi there! So I looked at my shirt and the brand is TEE by Big Star. They still have some in the Macy’s stores that I have been to recently-just make sure to hit the clearance rack. Good luck finding one!

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