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  1. Hi!!

    I have been a follower of your beautiful blog for a while now and I just love your advice for women and fashion. It has been so helpful when putting an outfit together and I know so many women who share my thoughts. I am contacting you because I believe we would be a great fit. Your style is so trendy and wearable that I know you would love my little boutique, SHY Boutique. I mostly sell jewelry right now and I am interested in doing a promotion/giveaway with you. I want to offer your readers a first chance at a new piece before it hits my shelves and at a great price too. To make this even sweeter I want to pay you 10% of all the sales that come from your site AND send you the piece of jewelry we decide to offer, FREE. I will provide you with full documentation on all the readers that came and purchased as well as send you payment to your Paypal immediately after the sale ends. To make things easier on you I will provide the advertisement (upon your approval), links to my page, as well as photos so all you have to do is copy paste.( anything to make your life easier :))

    If your readers are anything like I am I would want you to pick a piece that YOU love because if YOU love it, chance are THEY will love it too. So we can decide on the product offered. I can even send your free piece to you BEFORE the event so you can take pictures with it on you all styled and pretty 🙂

    This would be an amazing partnership to make money and provide your readers with an exclusive sale on on-trend pieces. Please let me know if you would be interested and if you have any questions or suggestions at all. Thank you so much for your wonderful addition to the fashion world via blog and I look forward to hearing from you!

    PS My shop online is not all I have, many many pieces ( j.crew inspired etc.) are coming in and I can send picks of inventory I can purchase based on YOUR style 🙂

  2. Michelle petersen

    Hey sweetie pie u look adorable!!’ How do I find these clothes??? Tell Justin hi for me!! Hope all is well w u two!!!

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