Happy Birthday…to me!

I dreaded my birthday last year-absolutely dreaded it.  I turned the big 3-0 and it hit me like a ton of bricks because for some silly reason, I honestly never thought I’d ever really leave my 20’s behind .  My 30’s had always just kind of dangled out there somewhere in front of me-the years where I would really settle down, start a family, and try to  find a balance between work and play-all of which are fine.  But the part I really dreaded was that 30 would somehow usher in some sort of stale mate and my life would suddenly become boring and old.

But I am happy to report that as I turn 31 years old today, even though I have a few more wrinkles than I did in my 20’s (mostly caused from a lot of laughter, and maybe a little sun damage), my life is by no means boring.  In fact, I can truly say that I am loving my 30’s and this wiser, more responsible version of myself.  I am still silly, on occasion a little wild, and 99% of the time happy-go-lucky.   But more than anything I am incredibly content-both with where I’ve been, and where I’m going.  The Lord has blessed me with much in my life and perhaps now that I am a little older, I am able to fully appreciate all that I have been given and worked hard to achieve and not take a single moment for granted.  Life is precious and often fleeting.  So instead of dreading the aging process that is, of course, inevitable, I am going to embrace each day and be thankful for every moment that I am able to participate in this beautiful thing we call life.

And so, on this day of the anniversary of my birth, I leave you with a little stroll down memory lane…

Me, as a little tiny babe.  Crazy!!!

What my dad would do when left alone with me.  I still love to fly fish.

Halloween.  This one cracks me up.

Aspen Extreme called, and they want their fanny pack back.

Me and some of my besties from childhood.

Riding elephants through the jungle in Thailand.

The day I became Mrs. Justin Doll.  The best day of my life.

Catching my first Yellow Fin Tuna in Mexico.

Corona Arch, Moab.  One of my favorite places-clearly.  😉

Me and my best friend.  ❤

My first 1/2 marathon.  And maybe my last.

130 miles on my road bike (in ONE day) supporting Camp-Make-A-Dream.  One of the best things I do all year.

My 30th birthday celebration in Vegas.

So I’m off to celebrate, well really to work, and THEN to celebrate.  Can’t wait to share outfit pics and stories from my birthday weekend with all of you-we’ve got some super fun things planned.

And thank you to everyone for all of the support-I appreciate you taking the time to read my blog more than you could possibly know.


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