It’s no secret I love prints of all colors, patterns, and variations. They are such a fun and easy way to add interest to any outfit. Plus, with the recent acceptability to mix prints of all kinds, they lend to creating endless outfit combinations in your closet.

One of my favorite places to find a good print is at H&M. Since specific patterns don’t tend to stay on trend for very long periods of time, I don’t typically like to invest in them, but rather prefer to pick up inexpensive and fun prints that I can play with for a time and easily let go when they have run their course. Such is the case with the below top. While I have lots of great prints in my closet, I don’t have any watercolor prints, so knew it was a perfect addition to my closet the moment I saw it. I love how feminine this top is and that it is one of those great hybrids that I can wear for work or play. Plus, it’s just long enough that I can tie it at the waist if I so desire!








Instagram Filter:  Earlybird

Watercolor Top:  H&M (recent)

Black Ankle Skinnies:  Gap

Neon Yellow Necklace:  Forever21 (recent)

Charm Necklace:  Personal Collection

Silver Watch:  Michael Kors via Macy’s

Silver Bracelets:  Tiffany and Co.

Earrings:  The Icing

Pink Studded Bag:  Rebecca Minkoff

Pink Shoes:  Jessica Simpson Waleo via Macy’s

In addition to being pretty, and feminine, and versatile, I also love that this top is a very unique multi-color ombre-essentially it goes with just about everything.  So when you are out shopping for prints, try to look for something similar to this top that will not only allow you to be creative, but will also function as an easy piece to accessorize and pair with multiple items in your closet.

Happy Wednesday!



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