I’m on a Boat

One of my favorite things about the summer is spending time on the water. I love boating, swimming, fishing, rafting, floating on floaties, going to the pool-if there is water involved, you name it and I am there. And while I used to just throw on an old sundress or t-shirt over my bathing suit for the to and from, this summer I have actually been having more fun with it and putting forth a little more effort with my water excursion apparel. And with that, here are some of my current summer must-haves for all things water related (in addition to a fantastic bathing suit, of course!):

1. Neon Cut-Offs: I love cutoffs, always have, always will. But this year, I have been really quite enamored with all of the bright hues available. The below neon yellow shorts from American Eagle are my current favorite-nice and bright and not too short.

2. Off-the-shoulder Tee: While a t-shirt is a super easy thing to throw on over your bathing suit, an off-the-shoulder tee gives you a bit of a sexier, more fashion forward look, while still boasting all the comforts of a t-shirt. I also love how it shows some shoulder and part of your bathing suit when you are covered up

3. A Fedora: I love to get sun on my face, but now that I am getting older and have become much more diligent about protecting my skin, I like to have a hat with me to throw on to give my face (and hair) a break from the sun and heat. Plus its a great way to cover up messy hair!

4. A cute beach bag: I LOVE a good beach bag. And the below Saltbox tote has been going strong as my go-to tote for the last couple of years. Not only is it a really heavy, durable canvas that can withstand a lot of wear and tear but it’s also super bright with a cute, fun pattern. Plus it’s big enough to hold my sunscreen, beach towel (and my husband’s), a book, some snacks, a big bottle of water, and my hat (when I’m not wearing it).

5. Sunglasses: Obviously a no-brainer, but so important to protect those peepers while out on the water. Plus it’s a great way to add some style to your ensemble!







Instagram Filter: Lo-fi

Black off-the-shoulder tee: American Eagle (last summer)

Neon Yellow Shorts: American Eagle (this summer)

Gold Hammered Earrings: Street Vendor in San Francisco

Sunglasses: Calvin Klein via Macy’s

Fedora: Macy’s (recent)

Medallion Tote: Saltbox via Sundance Catalog

Flip Flops: Dini’s Los Angeles (a cute company that adds embellishments to Havianas)

I also love to wear fun earrings with a bathing suit. Something about it feels very glamorous and oh-so-Beyonce to me. I’m not sure I could quite get myself to the point of ever wearing heels with a bathing suit, but earrings I can do. I have also seen lots of gals layer necklaces with bathing suits, which is a cute look, but one I have yet to try. Maybe that will be in order for our Vegas trip this fall.


P.S. Below are a few of my favorite bathing suits from this season-all by Roxy. I always have a hard time finding bathing suits that I think fit really well and all of these do.  Plus they are great quality and come in a variety of styles and prints.



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