Date Night!

I have a lot of what I like to call “Vegas” dresses.  You know, the ones that are short, and colorful and perfectly appropriate for a night out at Tao (but few other occasions).  And I also have a lot of fab sun dresses, which of course are a little more on the conservative side, but lots of fun, none-the-less.  And every year, when I start to feel that spring fever set in, I want nothing more (besides a tan), than to pull all of these fun little numbers out of hiding for the season.  But alas, the temperatures are far to cool, and I am far to old to be strutting around in barely-there dresses this time of year.  So what is a girl to do?  

Fortunately, this is an example of where mixing medias can come in pretty handy-particularly the willingness to combine sweet and tough trends together (which is one of my favorite combos).  I like how it not only balances out the soft and sweet by giving a hint of edgy-ness, but also creates an element of surprise and a look that is a little out of the norm.  So for a recent date night with my hubby, I pulled out one of my favorite red, ruffle-y dresses and decided to forgo my go-to blazer and pumps, and instead paired it back to a beat up leather jacket, tights, and some pretty special booties for a look that’s a little more rock-and-roll.


Dress:  Forever21 (recent)

Leather Jacket:  H&M (fall)

Earrings:  Arden B (last summer)

Tights:  HUE c/o Macy’s

Booties:  Kelsi Dagger Rosabella $199 (some available on eBay and Amazon in limited sizing)

And while I love how the look turned out (as did my hubby), I am so looking forward to ditching the jacket and tights and enjoying warmer temperatures.  But for now, at least I have a means to enjoy all of my fun little dresses while not blinding anyone with my pale winter skin.  😉



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