A Little Bit Country

I was born and raised in Montana-the land of the big sky.  And my childhood was filled with lots of outdoor adventures, horseback riding, and country music (of course).  In fact, I can still remember when I got my first pair of Wranglers and cowboy boots-it was a proud day.  And when I was old enough to leave the nest, I headed off to Vandy to not only attend college, but to position myself in the heart of downtown Nashville to pursue my dream of being a country music singer.  And later, when I left Nashville behind to chase a career in fashion, I met and married a boy from good old North Dakota, whose family calls me “Dead Eye” due to my performance on the shooting range.  So, even though these days I work in the retail industry and live in a big city,  I think it’s pretty safe to say that I’m definitely a country girl a heart.  In fact, the other day, as I was singing “Mountain Music” at the top of my lungs, slappping my knee and stomping out the beat in the front passenger seat while running errands with my hubby, J looked over at me laughing and said maybe I was beyond just plain old country and actually have a little redneck in me.  And I have to tell you, I think he might be right! 

So, who could possibly be more excited that western shirts are making a comeback this year?  You guessed it, this girl!  I love a great chambray shirt with snap buttons down the front and have for as long as I can remember-so of course have been quick to add a couple to my collection this year.  But lucky for all of you city slickers out there, this year’s chambray shirts stretch far beyond country.  They are stylish, easy, and fun.  And when I was purusing Pinterest a couple of weeks ago patiently waiting for a flight, I spotted a gorgeous image of a gal wearing a chambray shirt with a big tulle skirt and I knew that it was the perfect look for this country girl…

Chambray Shirt:  American Eagle $39.50

Tulle Dress:  American Eagle (sold out)

Belt:  Mossimo for Target

Boots:  Jessica Simpson c/o TJMaxx

So not only is chambray one of the obvious “it” trends for the season, it  is also one of the new neutrals for the season.  You can dress it up or dress it down, and wear it with skirts, dresses, shorts, or pants-really pretty much anything (remember this post when I paired mine with  skinnies, pearls, and neon?).   In fact, you can even wear your chambray shirt with jeans.  But a word to the wise, just be sure that there is enough contrast in color between your top and bottom.  Even though chambray is in, the Canadian Tuxedo still is not. 😉


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