I find that it is much easier for me to dress up than to dress causally (probably because it is more fun!). And truth be told, my casual outfits all seem to have a pretty specific underlying theme to them-some sort of pairing of cognac and grey. In my opinion, these two colors live in perfect harmony together, maybe even more so than ebony and ivory. Not only are they incredibly are chic when in tandem, but since one is a warm tone and one is cool, if you want to spice things up a bit, the possibilities of what you can add to this simple base are really pretty endless. So, last Saturday, when my hubby and I had a date with our littles (we are mentors with BBBS), I threw on my old faithful combination, but added a surprising (and fun) neon yellow striped sweater that left me feeling cute, casual, and comfortable for a rough-and-tumble play date.

Sunglasses: Steve Madden (TJ Maxx)

Neon Striped Sweater: American Eagle (on sale for $14.99!!!)

Grey Tank: JCrew (last summer)

Jeans: Else by Joe’s Jeans exclusively for Macy’s

Boots: Aldo Farmar (only one pair left!!)

Watch: Michael Kors c/o Macy’s (back in stock!)

Earrings: The Icing (recent)

And not only did I feel cute AND comfy all day painting and playing at the park, I also still felt like a bit of a fashionista-which is definitely a good thing. 🙂

Happy weekend!!!



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