I love the springtime in the SLC.  The weather is typically gorgeous and warm and it is the greenest we ever see it here in the desert.  But like spring in any city I’ve ever known, the weather can sometimes be a bit volatile.  As was the case last Friday when we went from 80 one day to a blizzard the next!!  And so, even though I should have probably packed away my fur vest about a month ago, I decided to wear it one more time in honor of an April snowstorm. And what better way to rock it than with leopard and red pants??!!

Vest:  Macy’s

Leopard Blouse:  Macy’s

Red Pants:  American Eagle

Watch:  Michael Kors c/o Macy’s

Bracelet:  H&M and Tiffany

Black Cocktail Ring:  Flea Market in Florence (one of my best purchases-EVER)

Black Pumps:  Chinese Laundry

And in hopes of that being our last snow in the valley for the year (and those are high hopes), I have officially packed away all of my fur vests for the season.  And while I will miss them, I am pretty excited to get back into sundresses, flowy tanks, maxis, and sandals.  So pretty, pretty please, stick around this time, would you spring???



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