Long Time Coming…

I have been wanting to start a fashion blog for what seems like forever, but I was always too busy, or too nervous, or had some other all-too-convenient excuse present itself and thus, I ignored that little voice in my head and heart and all of the urging of co-workers and friends.  But this year, when the clock struck midnight and I was thinking about what adventures I wanted to take in the coming year, making this blog a reality was at the top of my list.  And so, here I am 3 months and 28 posts later, and FINALLY ready to announce myself and my little project to the world!!

And what better way to “officially” kick things off than by showcasing not one, but TWO of my favorite trends for the spring and summer season: pastels and neon (yes, together).  Now, there isn’t any denying that I am a HUGE fan of color, but if you would have asked me a year or so ago if I would ever pair neon and pastels together, I might have told you no.  But lately, I have absolutely no hesitation and the surprising mix of the two is one of my favorite current trends.  In fact, when I first put this outfit together, I actually paired it back to red pants (and I LOVED it!), but in the end, decided that I wanted to share a more realistic version of how to mix the two that would be easier, and not quite so intimidating to recreate, especially for those of of you who might  be experimenting with a lot of these wild colors for the first time…

Sunglasses:  Marc Jacobs c/o Nordstrom Rack

Necklace:  JCrew

Bracelets: World Market, and H&M

Watch:  Michael Kors c/o Nordstrom Rack

Black Cocktail Ring: Flea Market in Florence

Clutch:  Michael Kors c/o TJMaxx

Cardigan: H&M (recent)

Peach Blouse:  Forever21 (recent)

Neon Yellow Belt:  Macy’s (in select stores)

Skinny Jeans:  Gap (sold out on line)

Neon Pumps:  Aldo for Nordstrom  Capecoral Pump $89.95

And with that, I hope you will join me and follow along as I share my favorite trends, all I am continuously learning working in the fashion industry, and tips and tricks for looking  fabulous on any budget.  I am also looking forward to sharing more photos and stories from our crazy home renovation, arts and crafts projects I tackle from time to time, and of course great food and drink ideas that I am often inspired by through other incredible bloggers, and of course, Pinterest.

So cheers to this new and exciting  adventure-I know I am excited and hope you are too!!



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