I travel a lot for work and am constantly tailoring what I take with me so that I can be comfortable and practical. And since my office is mobile, I am always juggling some sort of purse and my laptop bag (so far I am holding firm on my refusal to get a roller). So after some research and several failed attempts at creating the just the right combo, I think I have finally found my perfect travel handbag. Drum roll please….. the Michael Kors Hamilton bag. Not only is it incredibly chic, but it’s the perfect size for traveling and the first bag in my collection that is a light tan (which is not only season-less, but also the perfect neutral).




Bag:  Michael Kors Hamilton Macy’s $398 (I picked mine up at TJMaxx for about half the price)

Jacket:  H&M (sold out)

Mint Tunic: H&M (old)

Leggings:  American Apparel

Necklaces:  Tiffany and my personal charm collection

iPhone Case:  Kate Spade c/o Nordstrom

Andif you couldn’t tell by the last photo of me standing in a hotel room, I had the chance to test out my newest accessory last week and brought it along with me to Macy’s market in Seattle.  The verdict?  I absolutely loved it. Definitely worth the investment-plus it definitely doesn’t hurt that it is one of the hottest bags right now.  🙂




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