I Have Nothing to Wear…

Even though I have a closet full of clothes I adore, I constantly find myself standing dumbfounded in my closet looking at the clothes hanging all around me and thinking this one particular, very loud thought-I HAVE NOTHING TO WEAR.  And if I’m being totally honest, I should probably tell you that this is such a common occurence, it has almost become a part of my morning routine.  And while in theory it might sound crazy, I know I am not the only one out there that suffers from this problem.  In fact, it just so happens to be a widely regarded fact that we wear 30% of our clothes 70% of the time.  And a lof ot you are probably thinking, what???  How can this be?  But when I really stop and think about all of those early mornings when I’m at my least creative, and standing frustrated in my closet, I always tend to gravitate towards what I know already works, which most likely isn’t something that I’ve picked up recently.  So in all reality, it actually does make pretty decent sense.

And that, my friends,  is why I am so grateful for Pinterest and all of the incredible fashion bloggers out there.  All of their beautiful images and terrific outfit ideas are really helping me to step my style up a notch and look at my closet with a new-found creativity.  I am starting to wear more of what I own (although, as I am sure you notice in my posts, I am still a creature of habit), and am really working on pushing myself out of my comfort zone.  In fact, I looked to one of my favorite fashionistas, J, over at J’s Everyday Fashion to garner inspiration for this outfit bright and early on Monday morning when I couldn’t come up with anything on my own…

 Sunglasses:  Steve Madden (last summer)

Sweater:  H&M (sold out in stores)

Cobalt Pants:  American Eagle $49.99

Leopard Shoes:  Aldo (sold out in stores and online)

Watch:  Michael Kors c/o Nordstrom Rack

Bracelets:  H&M (recent)

Pink Handbag:  Rebecca Minkoff c/o Nordstrom Rack

So thank you to all of you visionaries out there, espeically you:  J, Kendi, Emily, Brooklyn Blonde, Kitties+Couture, The Day Book BlogPinterest, and many, many others, for your continued inspiration and amazing outfit ideas.  Even though I work in fashion, and am constatnly bombarded by trends and terrific images, I hold all of you in incredibly high regard and am grateful for all of the great ideas you have given me and look forward to more to come!!



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