This or that?

Sometimes I come up with different variations of outfits, and while most of the time I typically gravitate towards one more than the other, sometimes I find myself perched a top a fence and can’t decide which one is the winner.  Hence was the case a few days ago when I was getting ready for work. Because I work for Macy’s, I have to wear all black when I visit my stores, which is typically two days a week. So when I am in my office (we do have a business casual dress code), I try to wear color as much as I possibly can.

That said, let me preface by saying that if you take one thing away from this blog today, let it be the fact that turquoise and coral are ALWAYS a winning combination.  Always.  The question I had however, is because the two colors are so saturated and warm (and perfect together), would it be possible to add another hue to this combo?  And while I might still be on the fence as to the definite answer to this question, I am kind of thinking that the answer just might be yes.  So after trying out a very safe coral, turquoise, and black combo, I decided to get a little wild and try my turquoise and coral back to…RED!!

Silk Blouse:  Forever21

Turquoise Cardi:  H

Black Jeans:  Gap Always Skinny

Red Jeans:  American Eagle

Shoes:  Steve Madden c/o outlet

Watch:  Michael Kors c/o Nordstrom Rack

Bracelets:  Macy’s, World Market

Ring:  Deco Fox (etsy)

Turquoise Necklace:  BasiltheCat (etsy)

Cateye Sunglasses:  Guess c/o TJMaxx (recent)

In the end, I went for safe and wore the version with the black pants to work.  BUT, if I were going to try this look again for the weekend, or a night out, I would definitely choose the red.  The more I look at the colors together, the more I like them, and the more I like them, the more I love that I can put so many colors together and be on trend!!!  It ‘s also a great bonus to be able to come up with multiple outfits using essentially the same pieces.  Maybe it really is true that less is more-well at least in an instance like this.  😉


Long Time Coming…

I have been wanting to start a fashion blog for what seems like forever, but I was always too busy, or too nervous, or had some other all-too-convenient excuse present itself and thus, I ignored that little voice in my head and heart and all of the urging of co-workers and friends.  But this year, when the clock struck midnight and I was thinking about what adventures I wanted to take in the coming year, making this blog a reality was at the top of my list.  And so, here I am 3 months and 28 posts later, and FINALLY ready to announce myself and my little project to the world!!

And what better way to “officially” kick things off than by showcasing not one, but TWO of my favorite trends for the spring and summer season: pastels and neon (yes, together).  Now, there isn’t any denying that I am a HUGE fan of color, but if you would have asked me a year or so ago if I would ever pair neon and pastels together, I might have told you no.  But lately, I have absolutely no hesitation and the surprising mix of the two is one of my favorite current trends.  In fact, when I first put this outfit together, I actually paired it back to red pants (and I LOVED it!), but in the end, decided that I wanted to share a more realistic version of how to mix the two that would be easier, and not quite so intimidating to recreate, especially for those of of you who might  be experimenting with a lot of these wild colors for the first time…

Sunglasses:  Marc Jacobs c/o Nordstrom Rack

Necklace:  JCrew

Bracelets: World Market, and H&M

Watch:  Michael Kors c/o Nordstrom Rack

Black Cocktail Ring: Flea Market in Florence

Clutch:  Michael Kors c/o TJMaxx

Cardigan: H&M (recent)

Peach Blouse:  Forever21 (recent)

Neon Yellow Belt:  Macy’s (in select stores)

Skinny Jeans:  Gap (sold out on line)

Neon Pumps:  Aldo for Nordstrom  Capecoral Pump $89.95

And with that, I hope you will join me and follow along as I share my favorite trends, all I am continuously learning working in the fashion industry, and tips and tricks for looking  fabulous on any budget.  I am also looking forward to sharing more photos and stories from our crazy home renovation, arts and crafts projects I tackle from time to time, and of course great food and drink ideas that I am often inspired by through other incredible bloggers, and of course, Pinterest.

So cheers to this new and exciting  adventure-I know I am excited and hope you are too!!


He is risen…

Easter is one of my very favorite days of the year.  I love getting dressed up in pretty florals, indulging in lots of candy, the feeling that spring has finally arrived, eating lots of yummy food, spending time with family and friends, and more than anything else, remembering the real reason we celebrate the day and counting the many, many blessings that I have in my life.

So with that, I thought I would share a glimpse of my day, from the cute hi-low skirt I wore to church, to the pretty flowers blossoming all over my yard, capped off by a pretty fantastic evening with friends!

Black tee: JCrew Oulet

Hi-low skirt:  c/o Macy’s (available in select stores)

Leggings: American Apparel

Necklace: Etsy c/o Basilthecat

Shoes: Aldo c/o Nordstrom Capecoral Platform $89.95

Sunglasses:  Steve Madden

Watch:  Michael Kors c/o Nordstrom Rack

Bracelets: World Market

Belt:  American Eagle

iPhone Case:  Kate Spade c/o Nordstrom

My hubby had to work during the day on Sunday, so I was on my own for photos.  And even though I spent most of  the holiday flying solo before topping things off with a fun evening with friends, it was a beautiful day to sit back, relax, and reflect on how incredibly lucky I am.  Happy Easter and Happy Spring!!


I Have Nothing to Wear…

Even though I have a closet full of clothes I adore, I constantly find myself standing dumbfounded in my closet looking at the clothes hanging all around me and thinking this one particular, very loud thought-I HAVE NOTHING TO WEAR.  And if I’m being totally honest, I should probably tell you that this is such a common occurence, it has almost become a part of my morning routine.  And while in theory it might sound crazy, I know I am not the only one out there that suffers from this problem.  In fact, it just so happens to be a widely regarded fact that we wear 30% of our clothes 70% of the time.  And a lof ot you are probably thinking, what???  How can this be?  But when I really stop and think about all of those early mornings when I’m at my least creative, and standing frustrated in my closet, I always tend to gravitate towards what I know already works, which most likely isn’t something that I’ve picked up recently.  So in all reality, it actually does make pretty decent sense.

And that, my friends,  is why I am so grateful for Pinterest and all of the incredible fashion bloggers out there.  All of their beautiful images and terrific outfit ideas are really helping me to step my style up a notch and look at my closet with a new-found creativity.  I am starting to wear more of what I own (although, as I am sure you notice in my posts, I am still a creature of habit), and am really working on pushing myself out of my comfort zone.  In fact, I looked to one of my favorite fashionistas, J, over at J’s Everyday Fashion to garner inspiration for this outfit bright and early on Monday morning when I couldn’t come up with anything on my own…

 Sunglasses:  Steve Madden (last summer)

Sweater:  H&M (sold out in stores)

Cobalt Pants:  American Eagle $49.99

Leopard Shoes:  Aldo (sold out in stores and online)

Watch:  Michael Kors c/o Nordstrom Rack

Bracelets:  H&M (recent)

Pink Handbag:  Rebecca Minkoff c/o Nordstrom Rack

So thank you to all of you visionaries out there, espeically you:  J, Kendi, Emily, Brooklyn Blonde, Kitties+Couture, The Day Book BlogPinterest, and many, many others, for your continued inspiration and amazing outfit ideas.  Even though I work in fashion, and am constatnly bombarded by trends and terrific images, I hold all of you in incredibly high regard and am grateful for all of the great ideas you have given me and look forward to more to come!!