A Look Back

Happy New Year, sweet friends!  I love the anticipation and possibility that a new year brings, but I also love reflecting on another year’s end.  The good times, the bad, the lessons learned, the hurts, the joy, the laughter, the adventure, and even the fashion.  And so today, to give 2014 a proper send off on the blog, I wanted to share my favorite look from each month over the course of the last year!  Enjoy!!!

January 2014 (original post here)


February 2014 (original post here)


March 2014 (original post here)


April 2014 (original post here)


May 2014 (original post here)


June 2014 (original post here)


July 2014 (original post here)


August 2014 (original post here)


September 2014 (original post here)


October 2014 (original post here)


November 2014 (original post here)


December 2014 (original post here)


I hope you all enjoyed this look back at 2014 with me!  Happy, happy new year to you and your families and thank you again, from the bottom of my heart, for your support over the last year.  I appreciate you all SO much!

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Happy weekend!!!!

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