Furry Goodness

I love the fur vest trend. I mean really love it. Which, of course, should come as no surprise given my adoration for my jean vest (which I pretty much wore out this summer). Maybe it’s because vests are easy and work back to just about anything, or maybe it’s because I was a teenager in the ’90’s kind-of-a-thing. But either way, vests are a fantastic way to take an outfit up a level and make it look like you really spent some time putting yourself together. In fact, when I initially was getting dressed to take photos for this post, I had planned on just wearing the pretty mint chiffon blouse all on its own. But solo, it looked a little too simple and (I hate to say it) boring for a blog post. So even though I didn’t plan it this way, I am really loving the pretty pastel back to some furry winter-white-goodness, capped off with another one of my favorites, cognac accessories!









Instagram Filter:  Sutro

Chiffon Blouse:  Forever21

Fur Vest:  H&M (last year), similar

Skinny Pants:  The Gap

Sunglasses:  Marc Jacobs (via Nordstrom Rack)

Heart Necklace:  Tiffany and Co. (extra large heart)

Long Necklace:  Personal Collection of Charms

Watch:  Michael Kors

Shoes:  Boutique in Florence, Italy, similar

So I have to share that my hubby is really not a fan of this vest. In fact, he was so surprised when I wanted to wear it for a blog post that I had to explain to him how fashionable fur vests are.  But fashionable or not, he still isn’t buying it.  And so with that, I think it’s safe to say we can add fur vests to the list of things that men just don’t understand.  😉

What do you all think about the fur vest trend??



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