A Little Bird Told Me…

I am not usually a fan of ditsy prints, but have been on the hunt for the perfect little bird print blouse or dress since January.  Something about the cute whimsy and prelude-to-spring feel of it had me hooked and I knew I needed to add a piece of this nature to my closet.  For several weeks I looked high and low, but everything I found seemed to either be too expensive, or just not quite right (I should note that I think there is a fine line between tacky and cute with these types of prints so I have been pretty picky in my quest). 

And then it happened, as it often does, when I least expected it.  I was visiting one of my stores in Helena, Montana (of all places!) and happened to walk past the junior’s department (of all places!), and there it was, pretty and sweet, exactly what I had been looking for and for exactly the right price ($39.99 before my employee discount).  I tried it on expecting the worst, but the fit was perfect AND it is a fab little frock with or without a jacket or cardi, which makes it an ideal transitional piece from winter into spring.  And while it is oh-so-pretty and feminine, it is also perfect back to beat up boots and leather jacket, if you ask me!

Look at those cute little birds and that super subtle ruffle-LOVE it!!

Jacket zipped for to and fro on a chilly day…

Unzipped, showcasing a belt and cute necklaces…

Fab boots that I scored in San Francisco for an unbelievable price!


Dress:  Macy’s (in select stores)

Jacket:  H&M (sold out)

Belt:  Mossimo for Target

Boots:  Jessica Simpson c/o Ross

Necklaces: Tiffany, my personal collection of charms

iPhone Case:  Kate Spade $40.00

So, consider this post to be your little bird telling you that in this dreary transitional period from winter into spring, it is most likely time to invest in a cute little ditsy print to lighten and liven your wardrobe up a bit.  And remember, the early bird always gets the worm. 

Happy hunting!



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