Before and After

I have so many amazing before and after photos from our recent remodel that I am dying to share and blog about that it is sometimes hard to know where to begin.  But as I was sitting in our sun room this morning drinking coffee and paging through the latest US Weekly, I couldn’t help but admire our fireplace and feel incredibly pleased with the makeover it received from me and my hubby.

It would be an understatement to say that our house was “out-dated” when it came into our possession last year, and the fireplace in our sun room was no exception.  The grey tiles and gold trim just weren’t doing it for us, nor did they go with the rustic feel we were trying to achieve, or really with anything in the 21st century, for that matter.  So, after a little research and multiple trips to Lowes and Home Depot to find just the right supplies, we decided upon our method of transformation.  An entire day was devoted to the project, but in the end, it seems a small price to pay as it has improved the look and feel of the entire room, which also happens to be the BEST room in our house.


Grey shiny tile, gold trim, and a mesh door-I don’t miss that one bit!


Tiles popped off, and face repainted-starting to look much better!!


Voila!  The finished product.  LOVE the colors of the slate, the glass doors, and the matte black finish-actually, the whole package complete with decor and the way it all looks back to our wood floors.  **Sigh** .  Pretty sure my hubby and I make an awesome team.  And as I already mentioned, I have a TON of before and after photos to share from our giant project-definitely many more posts like this to come!



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