What once was old…

Over the last year my hubby and I have taken on a massive house remodel project-as in we bought a total dump, gutted it down to the studs and sub floors, and have been sometimes slowly, and sometimes quickly, putting it back together again.  It has been a year full of triumphs and tears, but ultimately, in the end, we have achieved the home we have always dreamed of having here in the SLC.

Part of making this our for-the-moment dream home, has been the decorating piece of the equation.  Like fashion, I LOVE to decorate and in turn, make a house a home.  It has become a passion and a hobby taking up a considerable amount of my  time-and I am loving every second.  Knowing this, my wonderful in-laws, who have been instrumental in helping us with this project every step of them way, donated some antique furniture (that belonged to my hubby’s grandma) for me to do with as I pleased.  And since I am a believer in the mantra that what once was old can be new again, I decided to re-purpose these treasures and make them into our own.  Below is the first of the three pieces I transformed…

While the dresser was pretty before, the dark lacquered wood didn’t quite go with the guest room I intended it for.

Before the sanding and painting began…

Finished product.  Amazing what some white paint, new knobs, and a few decorations can do!

After the painting was complete, I used sand paper to give the dresser an antiqued finish…

And last but not least, gorgeous knobs from Anthropologie that give the dresser the perfect finishing touch!!

Happy Weekend everyone!  I’m off out to tackle a fun new project!!


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