Closet Staple: Red Blazer

2011 was ALL ABOUT COLOR and I can tell you that 2012 isn’t going to be any different.  And while I have always been a huge fan of color and seem to have a bright and cheery wardrobe no matter the season (yellow and pink are my favorite colors, after all), I know that color isn’t for everyone.  So, whether you are a color person or not, the questions is: how do you decide which pieces you should  purchase in bold, bright colors?  And while I believe there are a lot of great options for giving your wardrobe a little flair, there is one thing at the top of my list that I think every gal should own.  And that, my friends, is a red blazer.

Red is all over the place, from lips to pants to nails, and blazers are, well, classic.  So really, how can you go wrong? I truly believe that  there isn’t a woman out there who doesn’t have the ability to seamlessly pull off a red blazer-it might just take stepping out of your comfort zone a little bit to try.

In honor of Valentine’s day, I decided to pair mine back to a few of my other closet staples for a festive, yet comfy ensemble-perfect to celebrate one of my favorite days of the year!

Blazer:  Forever21 (recent)

Striped Tunic:  Forever21 (last summer)

Belt:  Mossimo from Target (last summer)

Leggings:  Nordstrom (last year)

Bracelets:  H&M and Tiffany

Watch: Michael Kors c/o Macy’s (sold out in silver, but still available in rose gold) $250

Necklaces:  Tiffany and personal collection of charms

Boots:  Aldo Farmar (sold out online and in store)

Now get out there and find your perfect red blazer!  I promise you’ll be glad you did!



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