FPF: Best Make Up Primers

Best Make Up Primers
While it might seem like just another added expense, I assure you that a makeup primer is an essential step to your beauty routine.  Not only do primers help to hide fine lines and wrinkles, creating a silky, smooth canvas to apply your make up to, but because they drastically improve the application and look of your make up, you will find that you need to apply less make up.  Particularly if you use a neutralizing version (my favorite!) which helps to reduce the appearance of any redness, spots, or blemishes.   An added bonus?  They also help to make your makeup last longer throughout the day.
Happy weekend!

4 thoughts on “FPF: Best Make Up Primers

  1. Jan

    Hi Abby,
    I too use bare minerals and love it. Have you tried the 3 in one products, they have primer, moisturizer and base? Just wondered if they worked as well.

    1. I haven’t tried any of them of yet. I tend to be a ceature of habbit with my beauty routine now that I have found one that I like and is quick and easy. But I’m thinking this summer might be a good time to try one!

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