Comfy, Cozy, and Pumpkin Spice Lattes

Each and every year, I mourn the passing of summer. But truth be told, if winter wasn’t looming on the other side, fall would no doubt be my very favorite season. I love boots, and layering, and cozy sweaters, holiday cheer, crockpot meals, that unbeatable brisk feeling in the air, gorgeous fall foliage, and of course all-things-pumpkin. If I could alternate between summer and fall (with a little skiing in between), I would do it in a heartbeat. So if anyone knows of a region with that kind of climate, kindly let me know. 😉

When J and I were in Montana last weekend, the weather was much colder than it has been in the SLC (45 degrees vs. 75 degrees!). So truly, it was my first opportunity of the season to make my boots, favorite go-to sweater, army surplus jacket, and pumpkin spice lattes a necessary part of my weekend-which made my little heart oh-so-happy!









Instagram Filter:  Rise

Army Surplus Jacket:  Forever21 (recent), similar
Cowl Neck Sweater:  H&M (last fall) similar
Jeans:Else by Joe’s Jeans (amazing and on sale!!)
Watch:  Michael Kors
Boots:  Aldo Farmar (last fall) similar

If you are a follower of this blog, then I must apologize if you are tired of seeing my Aldo Farmar boots in so many posts.  But what can I say? Try as I might, it’s tough to find a tried-and-true pair of boots that work for just about any occasion.  But I am obviously a sucker for a good cognac boot and am happy to report I have found this season’s Farmar and am looking forward to sharing them with you in an upcoming post.  But be forewarned, you’ll probably grow tired of seeing the new pair too! A creature of habbit and comfort am I!! 



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