FPF: Anything from Etsy

I wanted to take today to share with you my undying love for Etsy. I have known about the site for several years, but for whatever reason was always a little hesitant to take the plunge and purchase anything. But a couple of years ago when my girlfriend was preparing for her wedding and started picking up all sorts of cute things from Etsy (her clutch, bridesmaid gifts, jewelry, etc.), I knew it was the site for me. And since then I have purchased  lots of jewelry. cute prints, and fabulous decor for my home. And not only have I never been disappointed with a purchase, but I love that it is a means for me to support  local artists across the globe.  I also revel in knowing that the things I am buying are typically one of a kind and made by hand with love-which of course makes each item that much more special. So with that (drum roll, please!), below are a few of my all-time favorite Etsy purchases…


Turquoise Necklace by Basil The Cat


Druzy Ring by Deco Fox


Chain Bracelet with Heart by OiaJules


Gold Plated Monogram Necklace by Keti Sorely Designs


Hot Pink Druzy Ring by amandalynneLUXE

State Prints by Rooted in Paper

I’m not going to lie, writing this post makes me want to lose myself on the Etsy site for a few hours to do a little treasure hunting.  So if you haven’t tried Esty, spend some time on their site this weekend and take a look-they really do have something for everyone.  And in addition to all of the fabulous Esty shops mentioned above, below are a few of my other favorites who are all definitely worth checking out:

Bridger and Madison:  modern baby items from sensory blankets, to quilts, to burp cloths-way too many cute things to list!!

MakeupbyBella:  chain Bracelets and Necklaces

outoftheblue:  vintage modern jewelry

Whimsical Details:  recycled jewelry and decor

Elizajay Charm:  acrylic monogram jewelry

BeMe Jewelry:  Turkish Jewelry (FABULOUS cocktail rings)

Hands Full Creations:  purses, clutches and accessories (REALLY cute chevron clutches!)

 Enjoy!  And have a happy, happy weekend, dolls!!



5 thoughts on “FPF: Anything from Etsy

    1. Thanks friend! Did you check out the link at the bottom of the post to the lady that makes the cool acrylic ones in all of the fun colors? I’m thinking of ordering one. They look awesome!

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