FPF: The Bubble Necklace

If you don’t know what a bubble necklace is yet, then you must be living under a rock (sorry, but true!). Thanks to the original JCrew version, which came out 2 years ago, the bubble necklace has taken the fashion world by storm and is now a staple across fashion blogs, boutiques, and wish lists across the world. And it isn’t hard to see why. It is a fun, easy piece that is a simple way to spice up an outfit or add a pop of color to any ensemble. It is one of those things that goes with everything, and makes any outfit that much better. Which is why, of course, everyone either wants or has one-including myself (if you hadn’t noticed)…





Yellow Bubble Necklace:  JCrew via eBay (be careful going this route!! lots of bad fakes out there)

Purple Bubble Necklace:  Ily Couture (great quality-I highly recommend)

Red Bubble Necklace:  H&M (old)

Ivory Bubble Necklace:  The Poke A Dot Shop

The good news is now that the bubble necklace is so popular, you can pick them up for a fraction of the JCrew price tag.  Below is a list of options if you are looking to purchase your first one, or add another color to your collection:

JCrew $120-$150

The Poke A Dot Shop (sold out right now-but keep checking back) $15.99

Ily Couture $49.00

Amour Boutique $28.00

The Red Dress Boutique  $42.00

Basil The Cat (on Etsy) $50.00

Good luck and happy shopping!!  AND, happy weekend!!!


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Back in the Saddle

I am finally back from vacation, and boy was it an amazing one. J and I headed up to my hometown in Montana to spend a week-a tradition we have kept since we first started dating 7 years ago. We so look forward to it every summer and this year definitely did not disappoint. We spent the week biking and boating and floating and fishing and laughing with family and friends. In fact, it seems like it all went by in the blink of an eye and I hate that it’s over.  So to drown my sorrows, today I will share a glimpse of one of our vacation days.

One of our favorite things to do every year when we go back to Montana is to spend time in Whitefish. It’s a cute little resort town at the base of Big Mountain and the head of Whitefish Lake. Not only is it quaint and loaded with good restaurants, bars, and shops, but it’s where we got married and will always hold a special place in our hearts (plus it’s always just plain fun). So on the only day of our vacation where it was too cool to be out on the water, J and I decided to go on a lunch date in Whitefish and walk around the cute downtown. And what better outfit to put together than my favorite JCrew shorts and new JCrew mini gingham button down-a preppy look that was just summery enough, while keeping me warm and colorful on a cool summer day…









Instagram filter: Hefe

Hot Pink Mini Gingham:  JCrew Factory (recent)

Purple Shorts:  JCrew Factory

Neon Belt:  Macy’s

Yellow Bubble Necklace:  JCrew via eBay (be careful buying these on eBay!!!)

Earrings:  The Icing

Neon Bag:  Rebecca Minkoff Mini Mac

Sunglasses:  Marc Jacobs via Nordstrom Rack

Gold Watch:  Michael Kors via Nordstrom Rack

Gold Bracelets:  Oia Jules via Etsy

Silver Bracelets:  Tiffany and Co.

Gold Flats:  Target (old)

With so  many trends to love this summer, one in particular that I have been really drawn to lately is tying my shirts.  While I always love a tunic, tying a shirt gives you another way to wear the items in your closet and is a great way to change up your look.   And since this was a daytime outfit, I did layer a tank under my button down so that I wasn’t showing any skin.  For an evening look however, I would definitely tie my shirt without a layer underneath so that I am showing just a sliver of skin.  But the good news is, either way of wearing this trend is perfectly acceptable.  So if you haven’t tried trying one of your shirts yet, think about testing it out this week.  I think you’ll be pleasantly surprised!

Hope you are all having a wonderful week!!



FPF: Anything from Etsy

I wanted to take today to share with you my undying love for Etsy. I have known about the site for several years, but for whatever reason was always a little hesitant to take the plunge and purchase anything. But a couple of years ago when my girlfriend was preparing for her wedding and started picking up all sorts of cute things from Etsy (her clutch, bridesmaid gifts, jewelry, etc.), I knew it was the site for me. And since then I have purchased  lots of jewelry. cute prints, and fabulous decor for my home. And not only have I never been disappointed with a purchase, but I love that it is a means for me to support  local artists across the globe.  I also revel in knowing that the things I am buying are typically one of a kind and made by hand with love-which of course makes each item that much more special. So with that (drum roll, please!), below are a few of my all-time favorite Etsy purchases…


Turquoise Necklace by Basil The Cat


Druzy Ring by Deco Fox


Chain Bracelet with Heart by OiaJules


Gold Plated Monogram Necklace by Keti Sorely Designs


Hot Pink Druzy Ring by amandalynneLUXE

State Prints by Rooted in Paper

I’m not going to lie, writing this post makes me want to lose myself on the Etsy site for a few hours to do a little treasure hunting.  So if you haven’t tried Esty, spend some time on their site this weekend and take a look-they really do have something for everyone.  And in addition to all of the fabulous Esty shops mentioned above, below are a few of my other favorites who are all definitely worth checking out:

Bridger and Madison:  modern baby items from sensory blankets, to quilts, to burp cloths-way too many cute things to list!!

MakeupbyBella:  chain Bracelets and Necklaces

outoftheblue:  vintage modern jewelry

Whimsical Details:  recycled jewelry and decor

Elizajay Charm:  acrylic monogram jewelry

BeMe Jewelry:  Turkish Jewelry (FABULOUS cocktail rings)

Hands Full Creations:  purses, clutches and accessories (REALLY cute chevron clutches!)

 Enjoy!  And have a happy, happy weekend, dolls!!


The Long And The Short Of It

I love shorts, but truth be told, the majority of the shorts in my closet have always been some form of denim or another, and the majority of those have had cut off hems-which is great for summer, and might I add practical (yes, practical). But now that shorts have taken on a whole new meaning and are a must-have summer fashion staple, I knew that in preparation for warmer weather I had to reassess and add some pieces to my wardrobe that could be worn with sky-high heels or in lieu of a skirt.

Featherweight Sweater: JCrew (recent)

Purple Sateen City Shorts: JCrew (recent)

Yellow Bubble Necklace: JCrew via eBay

Watch: Michael Kors via Nordstrom Rack

Bracelets: H&M, Forever21, Tiffany and Co.

Shoes: Steve Madden via DSW

There are so many fun options out there when it comes to shorts-from bright solid colors, to fun tribal patterns, to sweet lace versions, I guarantee there is a style out there for everyone. And while I won’t be giving up my cut-off denim shorts any time soon (and you shouldn’t either!), I am happy to add some of these fun, dressier options to my wardrobe-it’s always good to change things up a bit!!

Happy Monday!!


I Heart Yellow

Yellow is my favorite color.  In fact, when I got married, I wanted to put my bridesmaids in yellow dresses.  But lucky for them, I was a couple years ahead of the yellow trend and they got to wear tangerine instead.  😉  But it is the one color I have always been drawn to  for as long as I can remember (surprisingly, I had a falling out with pink after my pink and purple phase in kindergarten and only started loving it again in recent years).  I wore yellow in my senior pictures, attended a University where our colors were black and gold, but the gold was often translated into yellow, had yellow flowers and decor at my wedding (my hubby also wore a yellow vest with his tux), and even have a bright sunshine yellow Marc Jacobs computer bag that I carry with me everyday for work. 

And since yellow is one of the “it” colors of the season, that certainly makes my little heart very happy.  BUT, yellow is not for everyone.  It is one of the most difficult colors to wear and the brightness of it often scares people away (understandably so).  So how can you incorporate yellow into your wardrobe this season?  Through accessories, of course!  And I think every gal should purchase something yellow in anticipation of summer, whether it be a belt, a necklace, a fun pair of shoes, or a handbag, you just have to go for it.  Fashion is, afterall, all about taking chances and stepping outside of your comfort zone, right?

Cardigan:  JCrew

Skirt: Francesca’s (recent)

Sunglasses:  Calvin Klein via Sunglass Hut at Macy’s

Shoes:  Chinese Laundry LoveMe

Yellow Bubble Necklace:  JCrew via eBay (be careful if you go this route-LOTS of bad fakes!!!!)

Yellow Belt:  Macy’s

Watch:  Michael Kors via Nordstrom Rack

I feel like I should add a disclaimer to this post, some kind of warning so that you can all prepare yourselves to see A LOT of this necklace.  I actually bought it in anticipation of my birthday to wear to a celebration dinner at my favorite restaurant with friends tomorrow night, but couldn’t wait to wear it and have already gotten significant use out of it since its arrival.  For me, it is the perfect yellow accessory.  In fact, I had to stop myself from wearing it again today.  🙂

And as a side note, thank you all so much for the birthday love and wishes.  I had a really incredible day and am so grateful for all that everyone did for me-particularly my hubby who made me feel like an absolute princess.  I am truly blessed!