Bloomingdales Friends and Family

It’s that time of year again!  The Bloomingdales Friends and Family event is going on right now through April 6th-which means you can save 20% off of everything in the store (use code FF14 at checkout)!  And because there are so many amazing things to choose from, I wanted to share both my neutral and neon picks for the Spring season with all of you.  Pretty good stuff, don’t you think??
Bloomingdales Friends and Family
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Luckily for me, this sale also just happens to coincide with the arrival of my 2013 annual bonus, so I am thinking of splurging on one of the handbags above.  But before I make my decision, I’d love to know, which one is your favorite?  The neon Kate Spade?  Or the neutral Rebecca Minkoff?
Wishing you all a wonderful weekend!!!

FPF: Bobbi Brown Pale Pink Blush

Confession time. I love the Bachelor/Bachelorette franchise. Not because I actually believe in the process, but because I love the sheer entertainment of it. Plus a lot of the women on the show have fabulous style and makeup and so the added fashion element makes it that much more interesting for me to watch. Enter Dana Weiss of Possessionista. If you haven’t heard of the Possessionista, then you are really missing out. Dana is a fabulous blogger who finds all of the items we covet on TV and on our favorite celebrities and shares with her readers what they are and where we can find them (plus she is down right hilarious). And that my friends, is how I discovered my adoration for Bobbi Brown’s Pale Pink Blush.

When Emily Maynard and Michelle Money were on Bachelor Brad’s season, not only did their makeup always look flawless, but they were both always sporting a gorgeous pop of bright pink blush on their cheeks-making me want to recreate that look with my makeup.  And thanks to the Possessionista, I was able to track down their little beauty secret and I have been a convert ever since.




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Blush:  Bobbi Brown Pale Pink (available at Nordstrom, Macy’s, Sephora)

Oh how I love this little blush. Even though it is called Pale Pink, it is actually a bright pink and is my secret to brightening up my face when I am feeling tired, a tool I use when I’m doing my make up for night out and need a little extra “oomph”, looks terrific when I’m not wearing much for make up at all, and is perfect to layer with my favorite bronzer. And while it might come in a tiny package, it sure can pack a punch (it’s extra pigmented so lasts a long time). Plus it is one of those perfect blushes that goes with just about any skin color and be worn with warm or cool tones. Truth be told, I don’t think I could survive without it in my make up bag. So if you are looking for the perfect pink blush, or something new to change up your makeup routine, look no further than this fabulous Bobbi Brown blush!

Happy weekend everyone!!