A couple of weekends ago, my sweet hubby surprised me with tickets to go and see the off-Broadway rendition of Wicked.  And being the musical theater geek that I am (let’s just say I went to both choir and musical theater camp in the summers growing up), I was beyond ecstatic. The singing, the dancing, the bright lights, and the incredible talent all coupled with a fantastic storyline is my definition of the perfect night.

Without hesitation, J and I both dressed up for the occasion. I went with a simple ensemble of black and white and he with a blazer, button down, and jeans. But during intermission when I was waiting in line to use the restroom and people watching (of course), much to my surprise, I noticed many people weren’t dressed up at all (seriously people, SWEATS???!!!). So this obviously got me thinking, when it is it appropriate to dress up? I know that as a society we don’t hold tight to many rules when it comes to fashion and dressing up anymore, but there is a little old-fashioned piece of me that still believes there are certain events that one should dress up for and I think these events (at least for me) are the following:

  • The theater
  • The symphony/orchestra/chorale/etc.
  • Church
  • Weddings
  • Showers (baby, wedding, luncheon etc.)
  • Work (depending on your job, put a little effort into it if you are able!)
  • Parties, or big events
  • Charity Events









Instagram Filter: Earlybird

One Shoulder Dress: BCBGeneration via Macy’s (last fall)

Bracelets: Tiffany and Co.

Cocktail Ring: Saundra Messinger via Sundance Catalog

Clutch: Nine West via TJMaxx (old)

Earrings: ArdenB (old)

Shoes: Michael Kors

I love a chic black and white ensemble-it is one of my all-time favorite looks.  And as we move into fall, black and white is going to be more popular than ever. In fact, when I went shopping over Labor Day weekend, there was hardly any color in my bag when I came home-if that’s any indication!  But one of the great things about black and white is the ease of adding a pop of color. For my theater look, I threw on a bright red lip and red nails which gave me just enough color to balance my simple black and white dress and accessories.

But I am dying to know, what do you all think about dressing up for specific events and special occasions?



5 thoughts on “Wicked

  1. Danielle

    I really love your dress, Abby! I also agree that there are many social occasions where it is appropriate to dress up. Living in Montana, it feels like people are especially casual, and I find myself seeking opportunities to dress up a little. I think the key, however, is to dress up even when others aren’t and feel good about. No one should have to feel embarrassed about looking nice or enjoying a little fashion. I have always admired how much you “own it” regardless of how many saggy sweat pants sit next to you at the theatre.

  2. I think it’s fabulous that you dressed up! I agree with your whole list about places where one should make an effort to dress up. I live in an area where people think sweats are ballgowns:( It always seems a little gauche to me when I see sweats at the theatre.

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