I haven’t taken a vacation since I started my new job with Macy’s last September. Between living in San Francisco for 4 months and getting into the swing of things with my new position when I got back to the SLC, time has been flying. So I have to say that I have been looking forward to our annual week in Montana even more than usual this summer. And so far the trip has been amazing-perfect weather, a podium finish in a challenging bike race (for Justin), time on the road bike (for me), and LOTS of laughs with family. And since I haven’t worn much besides my spandex and a bathing suit since we left the SLC last Friday, I don’t have any outfit posts as of yet, so thought instead I would share with you some of the highlights of our trip so far.


Gorgeous morning for Justin’s big race, the Butte 50


I snuck in some miles on my road bike while J raced-Highway 2 from Butte to White Hall is GORGEOUS!


It was a successful day!  Despite a major mechanical (broken derailer), J still managed to finish, and in 3rd place.  Pretty darn awesome.   


So proud of J!


Driving into the Flathead from Missoula-so pretty!


We hit Flathead Lake for a dinner and cocktail cruise immediately when we got into town Sunday afternoon.  I love this pic of J-totally anticipating the cold water.  Lol.  But it actually wasn’t that bad.




Happy girl!


My favorite place in the world-Glacier National Park


Ladies and gentlemen, we have a swimmer!  Charlie is only 6lbs and was a little fish at the lake yesterday swimming and retrieving sticks.  Tiniest swimmer.  EVER.


This is our happy place.  We LOVE it here.


So glad he loves Montana like I do…


Another perfect day.

Hopefully I will be back with more outfit posts tomorrow. But for now, I am enjoying a coffee on my parent’s big front porch, taking in the pretty views, and gearing up to hit the lake (again!)!!

Hope you are all having a wonderful week. 



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