Keepin’ It Casual

As a district planner for Macy’s, I am always busy juggling many different hats and recently the addition of opening a new store in the City Creek Center in downtown Salt Lake City, UT has been added to my plate. It is the only retail development in the United States opening this year, so it is a pretty darn big deal. And while the hours have been long, and stocking shelves, chasing orders, and planning plans have all been exhausting, I know the results will be well worth it in the end.

But perhaps more challenging than the grueling schedule, has been the difficulty in figuring out what to wear for this type of work. Normally we are in an office setting, but for this phase of our job, as we set the store, we have to be casual, comfortable, and open to getting dirty. And let me tell you, for me this is much more difficult than you might think. Not only do I work in fashion, but I LOVE fashion so have a hard time dressing dowdy for any occasion. And having to be at work an extra hour early, I am certainly not at my most creative when it comes time to getting dressed in the morning. So a challenge it has been. BUT I did manage to pull together a few looks, and even felt this one might just be blog worthy.




Jacket:  H&M (sold out)

Polka Dot Top:  H&M (recent)

Jeans:  Seven for All Mankind (old)

Boots:  Aldo Farmar (sold out)

Ring:  Italian Flea Market

Nail Polish: Hunger Games for China Glaze District 12 with OPI gold crackle

And yes, even though I have been doing a lot of manual labor, I still made sure to paint my nails.  I can’t decide if it is an addiction or obsession (or both) but not matter the situation, you won’t often catch me with bare nails.  It kind of feels like being naked!!

Stay tuned for more updates on the new store to come.  Our grand opening was actually today!!!  It was amazing, but exhausting, so I am off to bed to get some  much needed rest.  Sweet dreams(of new shoes, of course).



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