’80’s Child

Not only was I born in the ’80’s (I won’t tell you what year), but as an adult, I still consider myself a child of the ’80’s (probably where my love for color stems from). And thus, it is safe to assume that this must be the reason why I am still (and always have been) fond of all things neon. And when I attended our Vendor Summit in SF last fall to catch a sneak preview of all of the spring fashions to come (which of course are upon us now), I couldn’t help but find myself totally infatuated by the theme of neon accents we were inundated with from just about every vendor who presented (there was also an overwhelming presentation of pajama jeans-not kidding). And so, ever since that sunny day in the beautiful city by the bay, I have been day dreaming of the perfect pair of neon pumps (but not of pajama jeans).

And so, as luck would have it, before I even began my quest for the perfect neon pumps, I had my radio tuned to Wake Up with Taylor on Sirius Cosmo Radio to keep me entertained on my commute to work, and miss Taylor (who I ADORE) was going absolutely crazy for a pair of neon pumps she purchased from Aldo that everyone was mistaking for Manolo Blahniks. Ding! Ding! Ding! JACKPOT!!!! Pretty sure I made a trip to Aldo on my way home that night. 🙂 However, Aldo didn’t have the pumps I was looking for in my size, which led me to discover that Nordstrom is now carrying a line exclusively made for them by Aldo. And guess what they happened to have??? A pair of incredible neon yellow pumps in my size-which also happened to be the absolute last pair they had in stock. So apparently not only was it meant to be, but I am not the only one around here totally enamored with the thought of day-glow tootsies.







Shoes:  Aldo for Nordstrom “Capecoral” $90

Chambray Shirt:  American Eagle $40

T-shirt:  Victoria’s Secret Pink Essential Tee(2 for $28)

Jeans:  The Gap (sold out)

Necklaces: JCrew (sold out)

Watch:  Michael Kors c/o Macy’s $250

Bracelets:  Tiffany

And let me tell you, these shoes are so bright, I think they might actually glow in the dark, and I couldn’t be happier with them! A little pop of happiness for my feet!!



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