Back Where I Come From

Late in the summer, a friend of mine gave me a darling print of the state of Utah with a little heart around Salt Lake that she had gotten from a cute Etsy shop.  I knew it needed the perfect place in our home, and while I was deciding what I wanted to do with it, it dawned on me that it would be a fun idea to contact the Etsy seller (she has SO many cute things you can see here) and see if she would be willing to make me another print of Montana (my home state) and North Dakota (my hubby’s home state) so I could have a little memento of the three places that mean the most to our family to display in our home in the SLC. Fortunately, she obliged and I was able to select the colors that I wanted and ultimately decided to hang them in our colorful guest bedroom, which you can  catch a glimpse of here and here.

And while I love living in the great state of Utah, I think its important for everyone to know that I will always be a Montana girl at heart.



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