FPF: The Bubble Necklace

If you don’t know what a bubble necklace is yet, then you must be living under a rock (sorry, but true!). Thanks to the original JCrew version, which came out 2 years ago, the bubble necklace has taken the fashion world by storm and is now a staple across fashion blogs, boutiques, and wish lists across the world. And it isn’t hard to see why. It is a fun, easy piece that is a simple way to spice up an outfit or add a pop of color to any ensemble. It is one of those things that goes with everything, and makes any outfit that much better. Which is why, of course, everyone either wants or has one-including myself (if you hadn’t noticed)…





Yellow Bubble Necklace:  JCrew via eBay (be careful going this route!! lots of bad fakes out there)

Purple Bubble Necklace:  Ily Couture (great quality-I highly recommend)

Red Bubble Necklace:  H&M (old)

Ivory Bubble Necklace:  The Poke A Dot Shop

The good news is now that the bubble necklace is so popular, you can pick them up for a fraction of the JCrew price tag.  Below is a list of options if you are looking to purchase your first one, or add another color to your collection:

JCrew $120-$150

The Poke A Dot Shop (sold out right now-but keep checking back) $15.99

Ily Couture $49.00

Amour Boutique $28.00

The Red Dress Boutique  $42.00

Basil The Cat (on Etsy) $50.00

Good luck and happy shopping!!  AND, happy weekend!!!


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