FPF: Polka Dots

Pretty sure I’ve blogged enough about polka dots to give them a deserving spot on my FPF list. Whether it’s a top, a pair of shoes, a bag, a skirt, a dress, or a pair of pants, polka dots are one of those trends that can truly work for everyone. I mean really, how many other patterns are out there with the ability to portray both a youthful and sophisticated feel?








Instagram Filter: Valencia

Top: TJMaxx (old), similar | Polka Dot Pants: Else (old), similar, similar | Neon Belt: Macy’s, similar |  Necklaces: Kenneth Cole, Tiffany and Co. | Watch: Michael Kors | Bracelet: Stella & Dot | Bag: Steve Madden(old), similar | Sunnies: Gap | Heels: Chinese Laundry (old), similar, similar

Happy, happy Friday everyone!  I am back visiting my old stomping grounds of Bozeman, MT for the weekend and am so looking forward to getting some miles on my bike, checking out some of my old favorite places, and of course, getting to see friends we haven’t seen in far too long.

Hope you all have a wonderful weekend!




It’s no secret I’m mildly obsessed with polka dots. So of course it should come as no surprise that one of the things at the top of my wish list this season was a pair of polka dot printed pants. But I must confess, I’ve been a bit challenged as to how to style them. And so, after a bit of trial and error, it dawned on me that a bold neon paired with an easy neutral just might be the perfect complement…









Instagram Filter:  Sierra

Polka Dot Pants:  Else by Joe’s Jeans, similar, similar | Neon Buttondown:  Style & Co., similar | Surplus Coat: Forever21, similar | Necklaces:  Tiffany, JCrew, Personal Collection of Charms | Watch:  Michael Kors | Quilted Bag:  Kate Spade | Cognac Pumps:  Boutique in Italy, similar

I think now that I have worn these pants a couple of times and figured out how to style them, they just might be on a more frequent rotation going forward.  They are, after all, pretty darn fun.  Kind of like a party for your legs. 🙂

Thanks for reading!



Panthera Uncia

When I was in the 5th grade, we had to select, study, and write a report on an endangered animal. And given my love for all things animal print, it should come as no surprise that I picked the Snow Leopard. Even at an early age, I suppose I was able to appreciate the beauty of this cat and the gorgeous pattern of its coat. So when I was in JCrew a couple of weeks ago and saw these incredible Snow Leopard print pants, not only did they remind me of my 5th grade project a lifetime ago, but they inspired me to have them. Printed pants are all the rage this season, and I figured what better way to rock them than by paying homage to one of my favorite animals!






Instagram Filter:  Sutro

Knit Blazer:  Express (old) similar, similar

White Tee:  Forever21 similar

Snow Leopard Print Pants:  JCrew (on sale!!)

Sunglasses:  Guess via TJMaxx

Silver Bracelets:  Tiffany and Co.

Chain Necklace:  JCrew (recent)

Pink Shoes:  Nine West via Macy’s (lots of fun colors to choose from!)

Printed pants.  I suppose you either love them or you hate them.  I, for one, love them but recognize that they are not the easiest trend to pull off.  So I will share a little tip I have found to work in my favor when trying them out:  the smaller the print, the more flattering.  So if this is a trend you are feeling brave enough to try, start with smaller leopard prints, polka dots, or even smaller floral or ditsy prints.  These will be much more flattering to the figure than larger, wider prints that can create an illusion making you look bigger as well.  And one more tip, which is a general rule of thumb in fashion, darker colors are always more flattering. 

Here are some great options if you are on the prowl (pun intended!) for some cute printed pants this fall season:

Else (by Joe’s Jeans) Polka Dot Pants (I own the black version of these and will do a post about how to style them in the near future!)

Else (by Joe’s Jeans) Leopard Print Jeans (ON SALE!!!)

American Eagle Polka Dot Jegging (super cute, but run small so buy one size up!)

American Eagle Tie-Dyed Skinny Jean

The Limited Floral Skinny Jean

JCrew Cafe Capri Jacquard Dot Pant

JCrew Cafe Capri in Safari Cat (ON SALE!!)

JCrew Cafe Capri and Art Polka Dot (ON SALE!!)

Happy hunting!