Casual Glam

For those of you that aren’t familiar, I mentioned in an earlier post that Park City is a pretty casual yet glamorous mountain town-a fabulous hybrid that makes it very easy to navigate wardrobe wise (minus a fluctuating temperature). Really, pretty much anything goes from a one shoulder dress, to a little lace skirt, to a hoodie and jeans. In PC, the choice is all yours. And because let’s face it, most of what we dress for in life is often times more casual than not, (even though we sometimes wish we could be more glamorous), I have a favorite item that I am always on the hunt for that foots the bill for both.

So, what it is?! It is a flowy racerback tank with a shirttail hem-my perfect go to top for a casual or glamorous look. Now don’t get me wrong, I love flowy tops just as much as the next person, but let’s face it, they are hard to wear and often times terribly unflattering. However a racerback brings it all in at the top and defines your shoulders and waist before falling to its widest part. And to further create a more flattering look, I especially love a racerback in tandem with a shirttail hem, eliminating the box cut which gives the top (and you!) a little more shape and flare. Plus the combo looks great back to skinnies or shorts making it an incredibly universal piece-which is of course why I love it so much. And with that said, here are a few things I look for when on the prowl for one of these shirts:

1. A Fun Color-something that is bright and interesting on its own, say back to a pair of cut offs, but something that would also look great with a pair of skinnies and heels and some fun jewelry

2. A Dressier Fabric-in today’s post, the silhouette of my top is incredibly casual, but it is made from a rich silky fabric that makes it feel perfect for evening with the right accessories

3. Length-I like these tops to be a little long, but not tunic length. They need to be just long enough that they work with skinnies, but short enough to wear with shorts

4. Strap Width-this summer I have been into skinnier racer back straps. They still aren’t the norm so it makes this simple top feel a little more special and differentiated-even if you are only wearing it with flip flops and jeans







Instagram Filter:  Lo-Fi

Tank:  Forever21

Skinny Jeans:  Gap (check in store-they are legging jeans)

Flower Necklace:  TJMaxx (recent)

Chain Necklace:  Macy’s (recent)

Bracelets:  Oia Jules, Tiffany and Co., Thailand

Watch:  Michael Kors via Nordstrom Rack

Orange Lipstick:  MAC Morange

Shoes:  Chinese Laundry (oldies but goodies)

I feel like I have been all over the place (literally) during the month of July.  Summer is flying by and I feel like I’ve barely had time to take it in and enjoy.  But the good news is, J and I are heading off on vacation tomorrow and traveling back to Montana for bike races and to see family and get some serious time in on the water.  It’s a summer tradition and I couldn’t be more excited!!!  Now I just need to get myself home from Idaho tonight to do some serious unpacking, laundry, and then pack myself up again.  I’m not especially looking forward to that part, but what’s on the horizon will definitely make it worth my while!

Hope you are all having a fabulous week!


The Planner In Me

I am a planner, both personally and professionally. And when I have fun or important events on the horizon, I most definitely like to plan my outfits ahead of time. In fact, I found the dress I wanted to wear on our 5th wedding anniversary before we had even made plans! And while I knew we would ultimately do something where I would be able to wear it, my plan was solidified when we booked a condo on Main Street in Park City for the weekend. And even though a big storm came through the evening of our anniversary, the sun came back out and the temp rose just enough for me to get away with this hot pink one shoulder BCBGMaxazria dress. And thank goodness, because I didn’t pack any other options!







Dress:  BCBGMaxazria via Nordstrom Rack

Bracelets:  Oia Jules, Thailand, Macy’s, Tiffany and Co.

Watch:  Michael Kors via Nordstrom Rack

Cocktail Ring:  House of Harlow via Nordstrom

Shoes:  Michael Kors via Dillards

I mentioned a few posts ago that I got an amazing deal on this dress, and I did.  Let’s just say that Nordstrom Rack came through for me for me once again. My pink dress was originally just shy of $300, but I found it at the Rack for $34.99. (my jaw about dropped when I saw the price tag).  And not only that, but I recently saw the same dress at the BCBGMaxazria outlet for over $200.   So if you haven’t already been let in on the secret, I am here to tell you that with a little patience and time spent sorting through the racks at Nordstrom Rack,  you can almost always find incredible name brands pieces for a fraction of the price.  Everytime I take a shopping trip there, it tends to be well worth my time.  So while I adore my dress for it’s rich fabric, gorgeous pink color, and one shoulder styling, perhaps the purchase price trumps all on this one.  😉


All Dolled Up

I remember getting engaged like it was yesterday. Justin whisked me up to Park City on a surprise weekend getaway and got down on one knee in a hot air balloon high above the Wasatch Front. It was exciting and romantic and truly one of the best moments that I’ve had in my life. I also remember our wedding day (the day I officially became all “Dolled” up-yes, my married name is Doll) like it just happened last summer. It was such a perfect day filled with family and friends and overflowing with love and the promise of forever (not to mention that we were married at the most gorgeous venue we could ever have dreamed of). So it seems absolutely crazy to me that tomorrow is our 5th wedding anniversary. I guess what they say really is true, time flies when you’re having fun.

For those of you who know me well, it will come as no surprise that I always get a little sentimental around this time every year and spend a lot of time reflecting on our lives and our journey thus far. And I have to say that this year as I think about all we have been through (an extended backpacking trip to Thailand, a gang shooting, multiple moves, the loss of our beloved dog, job promotions and changes, countless adventures, and a HUGE home renovation project-to name a few of the highlights), I think the word that best sums up the last 5 years for me is grateful. I have been so blessed by Justin and feel so fortunate that I get to spend my life with a man who is kind, funny, loves to smile, loves his family, loves me, an incredible athlete (who pushes himself to new limits all the time), my biggest supporter, my best friend, my love, and a man who gives his all in everything does and constantly pushes me to be a better and stronger person both mentally and physically. He’s also pretty easy on the eyes. 🙂

So in honor of this milestone in our lives, I wanted to take a little stroll down memory lane and share some of my favorite wedding photos with all of you-through the lens of Instagram, of course!







**All photos by Sonya Burgard Photography**

In honor of our 5 official years together, we are heading up to Park City for the weekend to do a little relaxing and of course a lot of celebrating.  I am so looking forward to reflecting on all of the memories we have made thus far, and of course making some more. 

Hope you all have a wonderful weekend!


P.S.  I can’t wait to do an outfit post about the dress I got to wear to our anniversary dinner!  Not only is it beautiful, but I also got an amazing deal on it-like really amazing.  Stay tuned!!!!  🙂