Be Mine…

I love this sweater because it reminds me of something I would have picked out for myself when I was 5 years old, and yet somehow, it still appeals to me as an adult. I guess the bright color and bold print help to make me feel young at heart. It’s also the perfect top for Valentine’s Day. A little cliché, I suppose, but perfect none-the-less…






Instagram Filter:  Walden

Heart Graphic Sweater:  Forever21, similar, similar | Neon Buttondown: JCrew, similar | Black Skinnies:  American Eagle Super Skinny | Earrings:  H&M, similar, similar | Silver Bracelets:  Tiffany and Co. | Gold Charm Watch:  Anne Klein | Gold Watch:  Michael Kors | Gold Clutch:  Michael Kors | Sunnies:  House of Harlow | Pink Pumps:  Nine West, similar

Happy Valentine’s Day!


Teen Spirit

Oh, the ’90’s. NOT my favorite era in fashion. Maybe it was because I was an angsty teen trying to navigate my way through junior high and high school, or maybe my sense of style was a little more girly than grunge (thank goodness for Clueless!!). But I must say that I am enjoying revisiting certain pieces made famous during that decade-specifically flannels. Not only are they comfy, but they are super cute and look fantastic back to fun jewelry, boyfriend jeans, and a great pair of pumps. A little grunge glam if you will. Which in my book, is hands down much better than just plain old grunge.








Instagram Filter:  Nashville

Flannel:  Old Navy, similar, similar | Boyfriend Jeans:  Rich and Skinny | Necklaces:  JCrew, Nordstrom | Bracelets:  Oia Jules, Aldo, similar | Gold Watch:  Michael Kors | Sunnies:  Steve Madden, similar | Pumps:  Nine West, similar, similar

I hope you all are having a great start to your week.  And, of course, staying nice and warm.   January is, after all, perfect flannel weather!

Happy Monday!!


There’s No Place Like Home

I adore the Wizard of Oz and would even go as far as to say that it’s my very favorite move of all time. And when I was a little girl, I dreamed of having my own pair of ruby slippers. So when I saw these gorgeous, sparkly, pumps at Macy’s a few months ago, I was immediately taken back to my childhood dream and knew I had to have them. And even though they are silver and not red, they still make me feel like if I click my heels together, I just might wake up in Kansas…









Instagram Filter:  Amaro

Camel Coat:  Forever21, similar, similar, similar | Plaid Button Down:  JCrew Factory, similar | Infinity Scarf:  Macy’s | Skinnies:  Seven for All Mankind The Skinny | Earrings:  Givenchy | Watch:  Michael Kors | Sunnies:  Vogue Eyewear, similar | Bag:  Rebecca Minkoff Devote, similar, similar | Sparkly Shoes:  Nine West (on sale!), similar, similar

I love my sparkly shoes back to this outfit.  I always  think it’s fun to pair the unexpected together.  And a pair of super sparkly shoes back to a casual plaid button down and cozy knit scarf is just that.

Hope you are all having a great week!!


Sugar and Spice

One thing I love about fashion right now is that just about anything goes. And one look that has particularly caught my eye as of late is mixing girly sequins back to rough and tumble boots (see this post) and plaids. I love the unexpected contrast and the mix of texture and styles. And of course it’s always fun to throw in a little print mixing to sweeten the pot.









Instagram Filter:  Valencia

Sequin Polka Dot Top:  JCrew (on sale!) | Plaid Button-down:  JCrew Factory (sold out) similar | Black Skinnies:  Else by Joe’s Jeans | Monogram Necklace:  Keti Sorely Designs | Watch:  Michael Kors | Bracelets:  Tiffany and Co. | Pumps: Nine West similar, similar

I knew I had to have this JCrew sequin shirt the minute I saw it.  But I could not bring myself to pay the full ticket price for it, so I had to wait, and wait, and then wait some more for it to go on sale.  But my patience paid off.  A piece I love for a fraction of the retail price?  Can’t beat that.  Hope you are all having a great week-thank goodness it’s a short one!


Rockin’ Around The Christmas Tree…

I love attending Christmas parties. The festivities and spreading of cheer create such a palpable joy in the air and there is so much to celebrate and be thankful for. But I also love Christmas parties because they give me the perfect excuse to wear…SEQUINS!! And while I think sequins are acceptable all year round, there is just something that makes them extra special during the holiday season…







Instagram Filter:  Walden

Striped Buttondown:  JCrew, similar

Sequin Skirt:  American Rag  for Macy’s (check in store), similar, similar, similar

Leopard Belt:  Express

Tights:  Hue

Jeweled Earrings:  INC for Macy’s (check in store!), similar

Monogram Necklace:  Keti Sorely Designs

Watch:  Michael Kors

Silver Bracelets:  Tiffany and Co.

Pumps:  Nine West

J and I attended a White Elephant party this weekend and had a fabulous time.  It was nice to share an evening of laughter with friends that are very dear to us.  With the unimaginable events that unfolded in Newtown, CT on Friday, I am reminded more than ever this holiday season to be grateful for the abundant blessings in my life and to hold to tightly to the ones I love.  My heart and thoughts and prayers are with the heroes and angels who lost their precious lives that day, and also with all of those who survived or have been touched in one way or another by this horrendous tragedy.

   God bless you Newtown, Connecticut.


Sun Drenched

I know that the general rule of thumb when blogging is to share clear, clean photos. In fact, I am already stepping out of the strictly-adhered-to-norm by using Instagram and my iPhone to write this blog instead of Photoshop and my SLR. And even though I try my best to share the clearest of photos while still integrating everything fantastic about Instagram, truth be told, sometimes I am more drawn to the creative than the clear. And so, today I share these photos with you. Because really, how often do you get to soak up this much sun in the month of December????







20121203-225009.jpgInstagram Filter: Valencia

Mixed Media Jacket: American Eagle (sold out online, but check in store), similar

Pink Sweater: JCrew Factory

Jeans: American Eagle Hi-Rise Super Skinny

Heart Pendant: Tiffany and Co.

Bracelets: Tiffany and Co.

Watch: Michael Kors

Sunnies: Steve Madden via TJMaxx, similar

Cross Body Bag: Betsy Johnson

Boots: Nine West Vintage America

I have to share with you how amazing this mixed media jacket is. If you follow this blog at all, you understand that I am quite fond of surplus and leather jackets. So when I saw this number at American Eagle, a perfect combination of two of my favorite fall fashion trends, I was pretty sure they made it specifically for me. So I obviously had to buy it. 😉 And besides being incredibly comfy and stylish, it is also lightly insulated-which means I will be able to wear it a little longer than my other surplus jackets this winter. Hooray!


P.S. Here’s a little clearer shot of the jacket, just because it is so amazing!!


Walking In Memphis

I have always wanted a pair of blue suede shoes. Maybe it’s because I lived in Tennessee and have a deep love for the south, or maybe it’s my adoration for Marc Cohn, but for years they have been at the top of my wish list. So needless to say, I was absolutely thrilled when I stumbled upon this perfect pair. And I swear they make me extra happy every time I wear them. The only thing that could make them any better is if they were on my feet ten feet off of Beale.







Instagram Filter:  Amaro

Moto Jacket:  BarIII, similar

Neon Buttondown:  Gap

Jeans:  American Eagle

Large Chain Necklace:  Macy’s

Crystal Necklace:  JCrew Factory

Long Chain Necklace:  Macy’s

Watch:  Michael Kors

Handbag:  Olivia+Joy

Blue Suede Shoes:  Nine West, similar, similar

I hope you all are having a fabulous week.  I feel like I blinked and it’s Thursday already.  Working in the fashion industry, this time of the year is especially crazy for me.  And all I know is my feet are more anxious for the weekend than I am at this point.  Maybe this holiday season will drive me to wear flats.  Maybe.  😉



Panthera Uncia

When I was in the 5th grade, we had to select, study, and write a report on an endangered animal. And given my love for all things animal print, it should come as no surprise that I picked the Snow Leopard. Even at an early age, I suppose I was able to appreciate the beauty of this cat and the gorgeous pattern of its coat. So when I was in JCrew a couple of weeks ago and saw these incredible Snow Leopard print pants, not only did they remind me of my 5th grade project a lifetime ago, but they inspired me to have them. Printed pants are all the rage this season, and I figured what better way to rock them than by paying homage to one of my favorite animals!






Instagram Filter:  Sutro

Knit Blazer:  Express (old) similar, similar

White Tee:  Forever21 similar

Snow Leopard Print Pants:  JCrew (on sale!!)

Sunglasses:  Guess via TJMaxx

Silver Bracelets:  Tiffany and Co.

Chain Necklace:  JCrew (recent)

Pink Shoes:  Nine West via Macy’s (lots of fun colors to choose from!)

Printed pants.  I suppose you either love them or you hate them.  I, for one, love them but recognize that they are not the easiest trend to pull off.  So I will share a little tip I have found to work in my favor when trying them out:  the smaller the print, the more flattering.  So if this is a trend you are feeling brave enough to try, start with smaller leopard prints, polka dots, or even smaller floral or ditsy prints.  These will be much more flattering to the figure than larger, wider prints that can create an illusion making you look bigger as well.  And one more tip, which is a general rule of thumb in fashion, darker colors are always more flattering. 

Here are some great options if you are on the prowl (pun intended!) for some cute printed pants this fall season:

Else (by Joe’s Jeans) Polka Dot Pants (I own the black version of these and will do a post about how to style them in the near future!)

Else (by Joe’s Jeans) Leopard Print Jeans (ON SALE!!!)

American Eagle Polka Dot Jegging (super cute, but run small so buy one size up!)

American Eagle Tie-Dyed Skinny Jean

The Limited Floral Skinny Jean

JCrew Cafe Capri Jacquard Dot Pant

JCrew Cafe Capri in Safari Cat (ON SALE!!)

JCrew Cafe Capri and Art Polka Dot (ON SALE!!)

Happy hunting!


My Favorite Boyfriend

I have had a few boyfriends in my lifetime-some who were okay, but for the most part, well, not so much.  🙂 And while in hindsight I think I might have been in love with the idea of being in love in my younger years, I have come to learn over time that (besides my darling husband) there is only one boyfriend I’ve had in my life that has never let me down. And that my friends, is my favorite boyfriend jeans. Yes, you read correctly, my favorite boyfriend jeans.

Truth be told, I have had a long-standing love affair with boyfriend jeans-I just can’t get enough. And maybe it’s because I know I am going to have to put them away in a couple of months, but lately, I cannot stop wearing them. They are truly one of those pieces that not only go with a myriad of items from flip flops and tanks, to sweaters, to t-shirts, to oxfords, but they feel like home every time I slip them on. And as of late, my favorite (and go-to) look is to pair my boyfriend jeans back to a menswear inspired button-down and minimalistic jewelry, topped off with the girliest, most feminine shoes I can find in my closet. An unexpected combination that works perfectly together and never, ever lets me down.







Instagram Filter:  Brannan

Buttondown:  JCrew (recent)

Cyrstal Necklace: SLC Farmer’s Market

Bracelets:  Tiffany an Co., H&M, Forever21, Macy’s

Watch:  Michael Kors via ShopBop (old)

Boyfriend Jeans:  Rich and Skinny via Nordstrom Rack (old)

Shoes:  Nine West via Macy’s (recent)

This is one trend that I sincerely hope never goes out of style.  The comfort and versatility of boyfriend jeans makes them incredibly easy to style and a must have for any closet.  So remember, ladies, men will come and go, but a great pair of boyfriend jeans is forever.

Hope you all had a fantastic weekend!