Merle Norman Draper

YOU GUYS!  I have been dying to talk about the amazing day I had at the Merle Normal Boutique and Spa in Draper, Utah a couple of weeks ago.  I was of course thrilled when they invited me in for a facial and makeover, but I was not even close to prepared for the absolutely amazing experience I would have during my visit, how much I would love their little boutique, and how in love I now am with Merle Norman product!  If you live in Utah, you must go in and see them.  They offer FREE express facials and FREE makeovers-and really it is heavenly.  And while I normally don’t love the way other people do my makeup (weird, I know), when Chelsee was done with me, I was beyond giddy with the results.  So Utah girls, be sure to stop in and see them!  Below are some photos from my amazing visit and my favorite products that  Chelsee used on me (which are all now staples in my daily beauty routine!)…







 Photos: iPhone snaps

Now onto the good stuff…THE PRODUCT!  I am pretty set in my makeup routine, so it takes a lot for me to switch up products.  But after Chelsee worked her magic on me, there were a few items that I knew were going to be staples in my everyday makeup routine, and so I wanted to share them with you guys!

1.  Liquid Shimmer:  This stuff is AH-mazing!  It’s my favorite highlighter that I’ve tried.  It goes on silky smooth and gives you that amazing candlelight glow.  Plus it looks great applied over your eyeshadow with a brush.  LOVE this stuff!

2.  Purely Mineral Makeup (in shade L10):  This stuff is like a dream!  The L10 shade gives you just a tiny bit of coverage and a tiny bit of shimmer.  I wear it over my foundation as a setting powder and it gives me the perfect amount of glow-plus it helps my makeup stay put all day.

3.  Lip Pencil Plus: I can’t say enough about this one.  I mean really, a lipstick on one end and a liner on the other?  Talk about convenience!  I have actually used this stuff for years and it’s a great go-to product.  Plus the lipstick is super hydrating, comfortable (a MUST for me), and really long lasting!

If you aren’t in Utah, be sure to stop into your local Merle Norman to check out their great products, or visit them online.  And if you are in Utah, then make sure you go and see Chelsee and the team for your FREE makeover and express facial!  I promise, you won’t be disappointed!

Merle Norman Draper

213 East 123000 South

Draper, UT

You can also check them out on Instagram, and Facebook.

Happy Friday lovelies!!!

Pucker Up!

I get a lot of questions about the different red lipsticks that I wear on my blog.  And so today, I wanted to share my four favorites with you.  Now truth be told, I am a total lip gloss junkie and don’t usually tend to gravitate towards lipstick-mostly because I have always found them to be messy and uncomfortable.  BUT since discovering  these 4 products, I find myself wearing lipstick more and more often.  And more importantly, actually liking it!
NARS Heat Wave: really fun orange/red; my go to in the summer; lightweight, but not super long lasting
STILA Fiery: burgundy red color; long lasting vinyl gloss that wears like a lipstick; pretty comfortable, and amazingly long lasting (even through drinking and eating); sponge applicator makes it easy to apply
URBAN DECAY Revolution in 69: true bright red, my personal favorite lipstick (in all colors!); super comfy, long lasting, easy to apply
MAC Ruby Woo: super fun color; cool red tone with a matte finish; a little drying-definitely pair with a gloss
Happy, happy Friday to all of you!  Thank you SO much for stopping by!

Favorite Product Friday: Urban Decay 24/7 Glide Eyeliner

I rarely wear eye shadow, but I LOVE eyeliner and wear it almost every day.  I have light eyes, and think it really helps define them so that they don’t disappear into my face.  So of course I have tried a lot of different eyeliners over the years and was in fact a fan of MAC for a long time (I still have one that I use, which you can see here).  But a couple of years ago when I kept seeing Urban Decay touted as the best black  eyeliner in several of my favorite fashion magazine (including Allure and Glamour), I knew I had to try it.  And I have to tell you, once I tried it, I never looked back.

Black is a little harsh for my coloring so the first color I tried was Stash (a greenish/gold) and it wasn’t just the gorgeous color that won me over, it was the product as a whole.  24/7 Glide is the softest and creamiest liner I have ever used-no pressing or stretching of your lids to get a nice even application.   And because it goes on so soft and so easy, I was initially concerned that it would smudge or melt away during the day, but that was not the case at all.  This liner lasts, and lasts, and lasts.  It doesn’t smear or fade away-it looks exactly the same when I take it off at night as it does when I put it on in the morning.  And while I probably shouldn’t admit this, I have had several lazy nights where I have slept in my make up (yikes!) but wake up with it looking exactly the same as it did the day before. And perhaps even more amazing than that, despite its staying power, it comes off easily with eye makeup remover or face wash in the shower.

I can’t express enough how much I love this eyeliner.  And not only is the product itself fabulous, they offer so many colors which range in a spectrum from wild to natural.  In fact, my mom and aunties now use these liners, as does my sister-in-law, lots of my friends, and several of my co-workers.  And everyone I know who has tried this product is now a convert too.  So if you are looking for a new eyeliner, this is truly the one to try.   People ask me all the time how I am able to keep my makeup looking the same throughout the day (without any touch ups), and this little liner is just one of my many secrets.

Happy weekend!


P.S.  My favorite colors are:  Stash, Oil Slick, Demolition, Bourbon, and Crash.  There is also a 24/7 Glide Eyeshadow pencil which I have not tried, but it gets rave reviews. Check out reviews for both products here and here.