You know what’s kind of a weird feeling?  When you’re old enough to see certain fashion trends cycle back through your life a second time around.  And right now, with so many great ’90’s trends prevalent for the summer months, that’s exactly what’s happening.  And it’s leaving me feeling both a little nostalgic, and a little old. lol But when I was in high school, denim short overalls and denim overall dresses were my favorite.  So I knew it was a trend I would definitely be revisiting this summer.  And I’d love to know, how are you guys feeling about the ’90’s trends in the market right now?

Off -the-shoulder top | Overall Dress | Choker | Clutch | Sunnies | Platforms

Hope you guys are having a fantastic week!




No matter how old you are, I believe there are ways to participate in the trends of the season (with a little tweaking here and there) to make them age appropriate. Take the cropped trend for example. I have been wanting to give this style a try for quite a while, but I’m obviously not going to be running around town showing off my stomach.  So I was pleasantly surprised to find this top that is just long to keep me covered, but just short enough to fall into the cropped category.  It also doesn’t hurt that it’s off-the-shoulder (which is my absolute favorite trend this season)!

I’d love to know, do you guys like to try out modified versions of different trends?

DSC_1445 DSC_1454 DSC_1473 DSC_1448 DSC_1476 DSC_1468 DSC_1447 DSC_1489 DSC_1497 DSC_1490 DSC_1501

Top: Lucy Paris (on sale for less than $30) | Skinnies: AG | Necklace: Kendra Scott | Cuffs: Kendra Scott, Stella & Dot | Sunnies: Prada | Clutch: Patricia Nash | Pumps: Nordstrom

Lips: Eclair by NYX

Hope you guys are having a great week!


P.S. You’ll have to excuse my wild hair in this post-it was super windy when I took these photos!

Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas For Her

Valentine's Day Gift Ideas For Her
Since Valentine’s Day is just a couple of days away, I thought would take today to share with you some of my favorite gift picks for the holiday.  Whether you need an idea to give to a man in your life, you are looking for a gift to buy for yourself, or something for a special friend, there is sure to be something on this list for everyone!
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Sunshine On My Shoulder

It finally happened this weekend-the sun came out. We have had such a cold spring here in the SLC, it really feels like it has been forever since that’ s happened. Between all of the rain, and snow, and cold we have been having, I couldn’t have been happier that big, beautiful, ball of fire in the sky finally decided to shine down us. And even though it was a little chilly, it still seemed appropriate to wear a dress for the occasion…








Instagram Filter: Valencia

Jean Jacket: Else by Joe’s Jeans (old), similar, similar | Dress: Francesca’s (sold out), similar, similar |  Necklace: Tiffany and Co., my personal collection of charms | Bracelet: Stella & Dot | Watch: Michael Kors | Belt: American Eagle (old), similar | Clutch: Hobo International Lauren | Pumps: Aldo

There are two items that I am wearing in this outfit that are absolute staples in my wardrobe.  And on top of that, they are two things that I think every gal should own.  The first is a great jean jacket.  Perfection to throw on in the spring time over dresses or sleeveless tops when the weather is still a touch chilly, and also ideal for cool summer nights.  And then of course, my tried and true favorite cognac pumps.  Even though they are heels, the neutral color makes them feel a touch more casual, the color goes with everything, and the heel height on this particular pair lets me walk around all day in long in them.  So if you are looking to purchase a couple of staples this spring, these are both items that should definitely be considered!

Hope you all had a wonderful weekend!

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P.S.  It’s not too late too late to shop my Stella & Dot trunk show!  Just click here to check out so many amazing things-including my favorite Renegade bracelet featured in today’s post!

FPF: Gold Cuffs

I rarely wore a watch until a few years ago when J got me my first Michael Kors as a birthday gift. And now I find that I am stuck in the rut of wearing a watch every single day. So when I started seeing big gold cuffs on the runway and all over fashion magazines a few months ago, I knew it was a trend that I not only loved, but also one that would help me add some variety to my wrist fashion!




Instagram Filter:  Earlybird

Gold Cuffs:  H&M (this summer) similar, similar

One shoulder top:  The Limited (this summer)

Skinny Jeans:  The Gap

Clutch:  Michael Kors via TJMaxx

Nude Pumps:  Steve Madden (old)

And while I know arm parties are all the rage (yes, I LOVE them too), I am really digging having the option to change things up and rock a completely different look.  Wearing two big cold cuffs is a bit bold and a bit Grecian, but a whole lot of fun.  Plus it will be a great way to dress up plain tees and sweaters during colder months. 

Happy weekend everyone!  I am so excited that it’s FINALLY here!!!


Pumpkin Spice

I love all things fall, and I especially love all things pumpkin. In fact, I finally caved and had my first pumpkin spice latte of the season last week, which always signifies the “official” start of fall for me. And while it’s still too warm for cozy sweaters and boots, it is just cool enough in the evenings that lightweight sweaters and pumps will suffice. So when I was recently perusing my closet for something to wear, I couldn’t help but to put the below outfit together in honor of my declaration of the beginning of fall…








Instagram Filter:  Valencia

Sweater:  JCrew

Skinny Jeans:  Gap

Chain Necklace:  ArdenB (similar, similar)

Earrings:  The Icing

Silver Bracelets:  Tiffany and Co.

Gold Watch:  Michael Kors

Clutch:  Frye (similar)

Pumps:  Jessica Simpson Waleo

So while a colored blazer should be at the top of your fall wish list, an embellished pair of pumps or flats should also be pretty darn close to the top.  There are so many fun shoes out there this season from fun animal prints, to  jewel encrusted detailing, to spikes (my favorite!),  to florlas-lots, and lots to choose from.  So just be sure and choose something!  An interesting pair of shoes is not only fun, but also a great way to add interest to an old or simple outfit!! 



One of the cardinal rules of fashion is the importance of owning at least one LBD (little black dress). It is the perfect answer for date night, or when you are in a pinch and need something nice to wear last-minute, and a great blank canvas that you can constantly reinvent with different shoes and accessories. Plus, black is super slimming and looks fabulous on everyone. And while the LBD will always be important, this season it seems the trend is all about the LWD (little white dress). Now don’t get me wrong, I am a huge fan of the LWD, but it obviously doesn’t quite cast the same universal appeal as the LBD. So if you aren’t ready to jump on the LWD band wagon, perhaps you should consider adding an LPD (little print dress) to your wardrobe instead.

Now when I say LPD, I am not talking about a cotton, ditsy print dress that you would wear to the farmers market or to lunch with your girlfriends. I am talking about a print dress that you would wear to a wedding, on a date nite, or even for a girl’s night out on the town. Something similar in silhouette to your LBD, but with a fun print instead! I picked up the below BCBGeneration dress with some money that I received for my birthday, and I have to say that for the summertime, I think it is definitely rivaling both my LBD and my LWD as my current go-to choice for a night out.







Dress:  BCBGeneration via (sold out-but they have a great selection of BCBG dresses!)

Neon Belt:  Macy’s

Long Chain Earrings:  TJMaxx

Labradorite Cocktail Ring:  Sundance Catalog

Bracelets:  Macy’s, H&M, Forever21

Watch:  Michael Kors via Macy’s

Clutch:  Michael Kors via TJMaxx

Shoes:  Simply Vera by Vera Wang via Kohl’s

It was such a gorgeous weekend here in the SLC (minus the the smoke from the fires) so J and I took full advantage enjoying dinner on the patio at one of our favorite restaurants, The Copper Onion, followed by a long walk around our downtown, where we discovered beautifully painted pianos every few blocks.  Apparently they are part of the Play Me, I’m Yours street piano tour which began in 2008.  There are over 600 pianos in cities across the globe and they are open to anyone in the public to play.  So, needless to say, I sat down and played a couple of numbers entertaining people passing by.  It was the perfect end to a perfect balmy summer night (which had already given us the excuse to get all dolled up and hit the town in the first place!).  Boy do I heart summer. 

Happy Monday!


Fave Product Friday: Hobo International Belinda

It’s no secret that I am a deal huntress.  I love a good bargain and have a hard time paying full price for things.  Perhaps it’s the thrill of the chase, or perhaps it’s due to my profession-working as a buyer I know what things really cost.  But there are certain things that I will occasionally splurge on, and usually those things seem to fall into the handbag category.  In fact, I just used some of my birthday money to purchase this little number from Rebecca Minkoff-and I am so excited for it to arrive!!!  It will be the perfect summer bag/clutch for warm evenings when we ride our vintage cruisers out for dinner and drinks, or when we hit the farmers market, or pack up our picnic basket to catch an outdoor concert.

Another piece that I will not only get good use out of this summer, but also year round (pretty much 365 to be exact), is my Hobo International Belinda wallet.  And this really might just be one of my favorite purchases EVER.  In fact, I have used mine so much over the years, my original Belinda has been on it’s last leg, but was fortunately replaced with this gorgeous new version for my birthday (thanks mom!!).  And while it might sound silly, I have to say that I would truly be lost with out this wallet.  It keeps me organized, has room for all of my “stuff” (and then some!), and transitions perfectly from a wallet to a clutch.  When I am in a hurry and don’t want to carry a purse, I can just grab this out of my bag, throw in a lip gloss and my iPhone and I am SET.  The patent finish also makes it dressy enough for weddings or a night out on the town.  It really is the perfect piece.  A splurge that is WELL worth it.

You can purchase one of these beauties here, here, or here.

I know it might seem like a lot to spend $110 on a wallet, but I have to say that before I found the Belinda, I was constantly buying wallets every couple of months for $20-$50 a pop.  And now that I have found the Belinda, I have only had 2 new wallets in the past 3 years.  So the way I see it, it all evens out.

One word of caution.  Be wary of the lighter colors in the Belinda patent.  Even though I adored my yellow wallet, there is a transfer issue and it picked up colors from items in my bag over the years that don’t come off.  So I would advise going with a darker color (which is why I went with black this time around).  You can also try the Lauren, which is really similar-just a touch smaller and leather vs. patent.

Happy weekend!!


Splash! (of color)

Do you remember the movie Splash?  Oh my gosh.  It was one of my FAVORITE movies back in the day.  And what about Mannequin???  I loved that one too.  In fact, my corporate office is in an actual Macy’s store and when I come into work in the morning before the store opens, I always think of that movie as I walk through the dark sales floors.  And when I reflect on movies like Mannequin and Splash and other ’80’s favorites (remember Labyrinth?), the thing that stands out in my mind is the infiltration of colorful clothing and make up (and of course cheesy story lines) into just about every aspect of the films.  🙂  And while you would never catch me wearing shoulder pads (my shoulders are wide enough as it is!), I can more than appreciate the colorful influence the ’80’s are having on our current trends, which leads me to the point of this post-BLAZERS!!!

Blazers are a must have, in general, but especially this season.  And not only are they a must have, but they are the perfect way to add a splash of color to your wardrobe.  I am in love with the colored denim trend, but it isn’t for everyone.  Blazers, however, cast a much wider net, and with stores like H&M and Forever21 offering so many in such a wide variety of colors for under $40, they are an easy addition to any wardrobe.  I have picked up a few colorful blazers over the last few months (you can see some of them here, here, here, and here), and they have quickly become a staple in my closet for both work and play due to their versatility-I just can’t get enough.  So if you are fearing the colored denim trend, pick up a colorful blazer instead!

Cobalt Blazer:  H&M (similar, similar, similar)

Orange and Pink Silk Top:  Francesca’s Collections

Black Crop Skinnies:  Gap 1969 Always Skinny (similar)

Pink Shoes:  Jessica Simpson Waleo vai Macy’s

Watch:  Michael Kors via Macy’s (similar)

Bracelets:  Tiffany

Cocktail Ring:  Etsy (seller no longer active)

Sunnies:  Jessica Simpson via Ross (similar)

Orange Clutch:  Steve Madden via Macy’s (sold out)

There aren’t many rules when it comes to adding a colored blazer to an outfit, almost anything goes.  Just make sure your undertones are similar (in my outfit, the orange is a warm tone, but the pink has a blue undertone, allowing for all 3 colors to work especially well together).  And a word to wise, it’s also important to make sure your color combinations don’t make you look like your favorite sports team.  I LOVE orange and cobalt together, but I don’t want to look like a Broncos fan (nothing against the Broncos), so the addition of the pink shoes and the pink stripe in my shirt are a great way to get rid of that potential association.

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